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List and share anything across your business from anywhere


Acting as an internal marketplace, Mutu reveals the resources a business owns. Staff can add items to Mutu directly from their phone, creating an online inventory and making them visible to everyone in your organisation. Visibility means people can see what exists before buying something new!

Anything can be added to Mutu. Common items added include:
Construction materials
Plant and Equipment
IT Equipment


Mutu empowers reuse by making it easy for staff to browse and instantly get access to things they need. Users can see all the resources that are available across the whole business right from their phones before they unnecessarily buy something new.

By reusing resources through Mutu, companies can: 
Eliminate unnecessary procurement
Improve utilisation
Reduce the waste sent to landfill


Mutu reports on all of these activities offering real-time insights into asset use, cost savings and carbon emissions data.

Mutu can report on:
Costs saved through reuse
Waste dedicated from landfill
Disposal costs saved
CO2-e saved
Equipment utilisation

The Mutu Guarantee!

We guarantee we will pay back the costs of the platform with 12 months or fully refund your subscription!

Trusted by NZ's leading companies

Pete Ralph
Hick Bros Civil
If you are not using tech like Mutu you will be left behind. The app has saved us over $160k since we joined and has been instrumental in redirecting resources we have left at the end of projects into other jobs.
Mark Whitaker
As the lead of a procurement team I am always on the lookout for tools that can save us money. Mutu not only does this but provides real-time data we can use to contribute towards our internal climate plan as well. Its a win-win!
Sarah Ann Du Plooy
Tauranga City Council
Mutu is part of our strategy to reduce C&D waste across the Tauranga region. The tool is incredibly easy to use and the dashboards allow us to easily view the impact Mutu is having. The support from the Mutu team has been amazing!
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