Boost your bottom line while saving the environment.

And manage equipment, materials and vehicles in a smarter, more sustainable way
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A new tech solution to an old problem

2023 Awards Finalist
Going Circular

Sustainability & Innovation

WMIF Grant Recipient

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Why Mutu?

Manage your materials, equipment and vehicles in one place

Make things easy to find

Mutu gives organisations visibility of their resources and offers insights into their availability & utilisation.

A connected marketplace

You can list anything, and use our marketplace to make things available to people who need them.

Waste Less

Mutu prevents things from ending up in landfill by redirecting them to other teams or sites.

Fast and easy to implement

It takes less than 2 minutes to set up an account and begin adding things straight from your phone.

Real time asset information

Traditional asset registers are static lists, the Mutu platform is dynamic offering data and insights that traditional systems cannot.

Simple Integration

Import .csv files from existing asset management tools and generate listings of your assets, then make them visible to your whole team.

Everything you need to manage your assets in a smarter, more sustainable way


Mutu helps organisations create a centralised hub of assets. Assets can be listed on the platform directly from your phone or imported via your existing asset management system.

These assets are then revealed and made accessible to your entire team - no more paying per seat, at Mutu, we are all about access!


At the core of Mutu's strength is our connected marketplace.

If an item cannot be re-used internally, Mutu automatically shares the listings with other organisations - improving the chance of reuse, eliminating storage cost and redirecting items from landfill.


Here at Mutu we believe waste is a data problem.

We measure everything from carbon emissions to procurement costs saved to where your assets have ended up - the Mutu platform allows you to make data-driven decisions around the purchase, management and disposal of all your assets.
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A circular solution

As a country, Kiwis send enough waste to landfill each year to fill up the Sky Tower 650 times! At Mutu we are passionate about reducing this number.

Finishing off a project and have things left that you no longer need? Instantly list them on Mutu and repurpose them instead of sending them to landfill.
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By implementing the Mutu xChange we have been able to redirect resources that had reached the end of their use at Transpower to local companies who had a use for them. It’s exactly the sustainable solution we were looking for.
Vivien Winch, Waste Minimisation Lead

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