Add Locations

Settings > Locations > Add Locations

All locations must have a valid google searchable address. You can name the location anything you like.

Editing Locations

To edit a location, click the three dots on the right hand side of the location name, then click "Edit" and you can change the name or address. All users and items associated with the location will update to the new details.

Deleting Locations

Make sure to delete your locations once a project is finished! To delete a location, click the three dots on the right hand side and click Delete.

Please not that you cannot delete a location without reassigning all the users and items associated with that location to another location.

Linking Users to Locations

Settings > Users > click on the three dots > Edit

Once you have set up users and locations, you can link a specified user to a location or project they are working on.

The location of any item that is booked out by that user or permanently assigned to them will match to the user's location.

Note: this does not apply and is overridden if you edit the booking location on the item (see Booking Location below).

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