Adding Equipment

Bulk Upload

If you have an existing asset register, you can use the Mutu Upload Template to upload your existing equipment. We highly recommend a stocktake beforehand to ensure the information is as accurate as possible.

Upload by Phone or Computer

  • Step 1 - press / click the yellow '+' in the bottom right hand corner.
  • Step 2 - click to add 'Bookable Equipment'.
  • Step 3 - follow the step by step instructions to add the equipment.

Equipment Upload Fields

TitleListing title - choose a format and keep it consistent for all listings. Try to give as much info as practicable like including the model.
PhotosTake photos with your phone or choose from your gallery.

We recommend taking additional photos of the serial number, asset number and any other identifying information.
LocationThis is the location where the item is returned to if not booked. Once the item is booked, the location may change.
DescriptionAny information you think may be of value to the person booking the equipment.
CategoriesThese are searchable terms you can link to items to help you search, filter and report on equipment. You can select existing categories or create new categories depending on your permissions.
Equipment ManagerThis person receives booking requests for equipment (unless permissions allow for auto-accept bookings).
Permanently assign this to someoneToggle on and off to assign items to people indefinitely. Things like laptops and other personal equipment that do not get booked out. Permanently assigned items are not searchable in the Discover Screen.
Serial NumberWe advise entering a serial number as it is a searchable field.
Asset TagEnter you company's own asset tag or alternatively press 'Generate asset tag' to create a tag, starting from 1. Please reach out to Mutu if you'd like to start from another number.
Operational StatusEquipment is set to operational by default. In the event something is not longer operational, move the toggle across to 'Out of Service' to indicate the status to other users.
Set a ReminderThis optional feature allows you to set a reminder against the equipment. When the reminder triggers any named recipients will receive a notification as well as the person who's toolkit the item is in if booked out.
AttachmentsAdd any PDF or jpeg attachments to the item such as engineering documents or records of inspection.

Searching for Equipment

Discover Screen

Bookable Equipment can be found on the Discover Screen.

Equipment Register

All equipment and assets can be found on the Equipment Register. Different lights indicate the status of an item.

Green light means the item is available
Yellow light means the item is booked out
Red light means the item is out of service


You can filter by Item Type (equipment or vehicle), location and Item Manager.

If the 'Currently With' column on the right is populated, it means that the item is booked out or permanently assigned to someone.

You can tell something is permanently assigned by the green pin: Screenshot

Downloading Asset Register

You can download you equipment register by clicking Equipment/vehicles > Download CSV on the right hand side of the screen.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

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