Adding Materials

The process for adding materials is very similar to Equipment

Key fields explained:

TitleFor materials with fixed lengths and widths, it is advised to specify in the title e.g. 300mm x 3m concrete pipes.
Item ContactThe person who will be notified when people would like to claim the materials.
Unit "Total Items"Use total items when you have a number of items e.g. 45 sandbags.
Unit (m)Use metres for an item type measured in total length e.g. cabling.
Unit (m3)Metres cubed applies to piles of things like aggregate or items spoken about in volume.
Weight per itemThis is the weight per unit.
Cost per itemHow much you would pay to purchase the item from a supplier.
Availability dateThe date that others can pick the item up from.
Expiry dateThe date which you will receive a notification that no one has claimed the item. You can then choose to donate, re-list or dispose of the item.

Claiming Materials and Surplus Items

To view materials and surplus items filter the listing type on the discover page.

Once you have clicked on an item, you can see details such as the pick up location and quantity remaining.


There will be some materials or surplus items that you may like to donate to a third party or charity.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

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