Booking and Reassigning Equipment

Booking for yourself

Press the Book Now button under the Admin options when you have clicked on a listing.

If someone else has the item, you can ask for the item or reassign it to yourself (if permission enabled)

Booking on behalf of others

You can book for other people using the sae process but when confirming the booking make sure you select another user from the dropdown list under Booking on behalf of

Edit Booking Options

Under Admin Only - Booking Options you can end the booking, edit the booking dates or edit the booking location.

When you edit the booking location, for the duration of the booking the item will have a fixed location even if the booker changes locations.

Booking History

You can review the booking history under Admin Only - Booking Options

This displays the history of the item bookings:

Bulk Reassignments

You can reassign multiple items at once by clicking the check boxes on the left in the Equipment Register then by clicking the green "bulk reassign" button that pops up at the top.

Booking Location

You can fix the location of booked equipment so it does not change location when a user changes location. This is useful when a site manager is at multiple sites but some equipment stays at site but is still in their charge.

Reassigning Equipment

Toolkit > Click Item > Reassign

To reassign equipment, go to your toolkit and click the reassign button the right hand side, then select a recipient from the dropdown menu.

To reassign on behalf of someone else, click on the item and select:

Note if you cannot see this, you will not have the required permissions (see User Roles)

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