In some cases you may have materials you wish to donate for free externally. Mutu has a select group of community partners who are notified when items are marked for donation on our platform. The purpose of this feature is to keep even more waste out of landfill and give Mutu users another option if they cannot repurpose things internally.

To mark an item as available for donation:

  1. Navigate to the Find what you need page
  2. Click on the item you wish to donate
  3. In "Admin only - Item options" select "Donate this item"
  4. Indicate whether you are able to deliver the item and also its condition
  5. Click "List for donation". A small donation symbol and text will now be visible on the lisitng
  6. Mutu community partners will be notified that the item is available. You item will also still be available to be claimed by your own internal team.

If a community partner requests one of the items you have marked for donation you will receive a request that will appear in your "Manage requests" section. Unlike a normal request, this will include information about the community partner making the request and include their contact information (see image below).

You can then decide to accept or decline the request. The community partner will then be notified to contact you to arrange receiving the item.

One of the best parts about Mutu donations is that any items that are repurposed via this process will also contribute towards your sustainability metrics on your Dashboard!

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

Adding Vehicles

You can add vehicles the same way you add equipment by clicking the "+" button on your phone or web browser. The below vehicle description fields will need to be filled out, as well as reminders for things like WOFs, Rego's and Services.

Viewing your fleet

You can view all your company's vehicles in the Equipment Register. Click the "Item type" dropdown and select "Vehicles".

Managing Wof's, Regos and Services

Your vehicle reminders are located in the Reminders tab located on the left hand side of your screen. Use the same "item type" filter as above to view vehicle reminders. Here you can resolve reminders as they come and create new ones based on the latest dates.

Road User Charges

Toggle across from Equipment Reminders to Road User charges to see which vehicles require new miles:

Drivers can update their current km's

People with vehicles will be prompted to update their current KM's during toolkit checkins:

If the current milage is within 500km of your RUC, you'll receive a notification and email to buy new kms. Once you've bought new KMs, you can click the 'Update RUC KMS' column on the right hand side of the RUC page.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

You can add reminders while creating items or by clicking on an existing item:


Reminder Fields

Reminder Titlee.g. Calibration due 15/11/23
Reminder DateThe date you would like to receive the reminder - usually 1 or 2 weeks before its due.
Reminder RecipientThe person or people you would like to receive the reminder. Note that if the item is booked out by someone, they will also receive the reminder in addition to the added recipients.
Reminder NotesAdditional notes you'd like to make.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

Toolkits are where you can view and manage items that are booked out or permanently assigned to you.

You can reassign bookable items and edit booking dates to reflect how long you will need the items.

Triggering Toolkit Check-ins

Every so often the office will trigger a toolkit check-in: Settings > Toolkit Check-in > Send out Toolkit Check-in.

Completing Toolkit Check-ins

When you have sent out a check in, staff will receive a notification on their phone to complete it:


They will be asked what their current site is. If they change their site, all equipment assigned to them will change site also, unless the booking location is fixed (see Booking Location above).

Staff will then be asked to confirm they have their items and they are working. If they don't have the item or it is not working, they get the following option :

  1. Someone else now has it
    • The user will select who has it and the equipment will move to their toolkit
  2. Returned to yard
    • The user will enter the date they returned the item to the yard. it will be marked as unbooked and location changed to default location
  3. Its out of service/broken
    • The status will change
  4. Other/I don't know where it is
    • A free text field will pop up to explain

Reviewing Toolkit Check-ins

You can check who has completed their toolkit check-ins in the Toolkit Check-in page, which are sorted by date:

If you slide the toggle at the top across to Items Needed Action, you can view the items that have issues associated with them. We show the contact details of the person who submitted the issue so you can call them.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

Your Reminders are located on the left hand side menu:

Due dates are colour coded:

  • Green
A reminder is green when the due date is further than two weeks ago.
Red A reminder turns red when the due date is today or in the past.
Yellow A reminder turns yellow when it is due within two weeks.

When you have completed the task, you can click the Resolve Reminder button, which will then give you an option to add a document:

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

The process for adding materials is very similar to Equipment

Key fields explained:

TitleFor materials with fixed lengths and widths, it is advised to specify in the title e.g. 300mm x 3m concrete pipes.
Item ContactThe person who will be notified when people would like to claim the materials.
Unit "Total Items"Use total items when you have a number of items e.g. 45 sandbags.
Unit (m)Use metres for an item type measured in total length e.g. cabling.
Unit (m3)Metres cubed applies to piles of things like aggregate or items spoken about in volume.
Weight per itemThis is the weight per unit.
Cost per itemHow much you would pay to purchase the item from a supplier.
Availability dateThe date that others can pick the item up from.
Expiry dateThe date which you will receive a notification that no one has claimed the item. You can then choose to donate, re-list or dispose of the item.

Claiming Materials and Surplus Items

To view materials and surplus items filter the listing type on the Discover page.

Once you have clicked on an item, you can see details such as the pick up location and quantity remaining and choose to claim it.

Multiple users can place a request for materials and it is up to the original lister of the items to decide who they will be assigned to. This allows materials to be sent to where they will be most impactful, rather than distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

In the example below, the user has received 2 requests for the same listing - Plywood sheets. They have chosen to accept the request from Troy and decline the request from Morgan.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

Settings > Transactions

Here, you can view all materials and surplus items transactions. To view greater detail, click on View Details.

You can filter transactions by accepted, rejected, pending and cancelled transactions.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

Discover Screen

Bookable Equipment can be found on the Discover Screen.

Equipment Register

All equipment and assets can be found on the Equipment Register. Different lights indicate the status of an item.

Green light means the item is available
Yellow light means the item is booked out
Red light means the item is out of service


You can filter by Item Type (equipment or vehicle), location and Item Manager.

If the 'Currently With' column on the right is populated, it means that the item is booked out or permanently assigned to someone.

You can tell something is permanently assigned by the green pin: Screenshot

Downloading Asset Register

You can download you equipment register by clicking Equipment/vehicles > Download CSV on the right hand side of the screen.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

The Mutu team will send you a link to create your organisation's account. Once you have created an account you can log in at

Add Users

Once you are logged in, navigate to Settings > Users in the top right corner. Click on the yellow "Copy link" button and send it to the people you'd like to add to the platform.
When they click the link, they will be redirected to create an account within your organisation.

New users are added as the 'User' role by default. You can change their user type by going to Settings > Users > click on the three dots on the right hand side of the Role column.

Choose what role you would like each user to have from the pop up.

You can create a new user type with different permissions at the User Role page.

Download the Mutu App

Site users should also download the Mutu app on their phone:

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

Settings > Locations > Add Locations

All locations must have a valid google searchable address. You can name the location anything you like.

Editing Locations

To edit a location, click the three dots on the right hand side of the location name, then click "Edit" and you can change the name or address. All users and items associated with the location will update to the new details.

Deleting Locations

Make sure to delete your locations once a project is finished! To delete a location, click the three dots on the right hand side and click Delete.

Please not that you cannot delete a location without reassigning all the users and items associated with that location to another location.

Linking Users to Locations

Settings > Users > click on the three dots > Edit

Once you have set up users and locations, you can link a specified user to a location or project they are working on.

The location of any item that is booked out by that user or permanently assigned to them will match to the user's location.

Note: this does not apply and is overridden if you edit the booking location on the item (see Booking Location below).

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

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