Define User Roles

To configure permissions and create new roles, click on Settings > User Roles.

The account creator will be set up as an Admin, however all new users are added as a 'User' role by default and will need to be changed here if necessary.

To create a new user type:

  1. Click the yellow + on the right hand side.
  2. Enter a name for your new user type.
  3. Select the permissions you'd like the user to have.
  4. Click "Save changes".

An explanation of permissions can be found in User Permissions Explained.

User Permissions Explained


Book EquipmentIs able to book equipment
Admin Booking OptionsBook and reassign equipment on behalf of other people. Edit and delete items on behalf of other people.Screenshot
Book without ApprovalThe user can book available equipment without approval from an Equipment Manager or listing creator.
"Ask for this item" is approved automaticallyWhen this permission is enabled, a 'reassign to myself' button becomes visible when you click on an item booked by someone else.

The user may still ask for the item (left button) and go through the approval process.Screenshot
Reassignments from toolkits are automatically approvedWhen a user clicks in the toolkit and reassigns an item to another user, the transaction is completed without the recipient approving the reassignment.Screenshot


Add materialsWhen the user clicks the add ("+") button, they have the option to add materials.
Add equipmentWhen the user clicks the add ("+") button, they have the option to add equipment.
Add vehiclesWhen the user clicks the add ("+") button, they have the option to add equipment.
Choose if booking requests for equipment need approvalIf unchecked, booking requests will be automatically approved. use this option if you trust staff to complete the transfer of the equipment.
Add categories to itemsWhen adding an item, the user can create and select searchable categories to link to the item. Screenshot
Permanently assign equipmentGives you the option to assign a piece of equipment to someone indefinitely. They will not have the ability to reassign or move the item outside of their toolkit eg work laptops and vehicles.Screenshot
Edit or delete items in your possessionWith this permission you will have the following permissions enabled:Screenshot
Edit and delete all itemsYou may delete or edit any item in this organisation.
See 'Equipment/Vehicle' tabGives the user the ability to see the asset register.Screenshot
Is responsible for the management of equipment/vehicles across the organisationThis means that the user can be selected as 'Equipment Manager' and will receive requests to book the equipment.Screenshot

Organisation Management

Edit organisation detailsThese details include your organisation:
- name
- website
- the option to assign users to locations
User ManagementGives you the ability to add, delete modify users
Create and edit user rolesAdd and edit different types of users as explained in User Roles
Location ManagmentAdd, edit and delete locations
View all organisation's transactionsView and filter all material transactions on the platform.
You can filter by:
- Accepted
- Pending
- Rejected
- CancelledScreenshot
Accept of decline on all organisation claim/booking requestsAction anyone in the organisation's bookings and transactions.


View the sustainability dashboardUsers will see and have access to the sustainability dashboard.
Download sustainability reportCan download the sustainability report as PDF.


Conduct Toolkit check-insThe ability to trigger toolkit check-ins.Screenshot
View and act on all toolkit check-insAllows you to resolve issues that arise from check-ins.Screenshot
Reassign button is visible in toolkitYou can reassign bookable equipment to other users. It will be removed from your toolkit and added to theirs.Screenshot


View all organisation remindersView reminders that other people in the organisation have created. Screenshot

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