Donating items through Mutu

In some cases you may have materials you wish to donate for free externally. Mutu has a select group of community partners who are notified when items are marked for donation on our platform. The purpose of this feature is to keep even more waste out of landfill and give Mutu users another option if they cannot repurpose things internally.

To mark an item as available for donation:

  1. Navigate to the Find what you need page
  2. Click on the item you wish to donate
  3. In "Admin only - Item options" select "Donate this item"
  4. Indicate whether you are able to deliver the item and also its condition
  5. Click "List for donation". A small donation symbol and text will now be visible on the lisitng
  6. Mutu community partners will be notified that the item is available. You item will also still be available to be claimed by your own internal team.

If a community partner requests one of the items you have marked for donation you will receive a request that will appear in your "Manage requests" section. Unlike a normal request, this will include information about the community partner making the request and include their contact information (see image below).

You can then decide to accept or decline the request. The community partner will then be notified to contact you to arrange receiving the item.

One of the best parts about Mutu donations is that any items that are repurposed via this process will also contribute towards your sustainability metrics on your Dashboard!

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

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