How to set and manage reminders on an asset

On Mutu it is possible to set reminders on assets that you add to the platform. Reminders will trigger an email that will be sent to the inbox of the recipients you select. Reminders can be set to notify you about things like calibration, servicing or Warrant of Fitness that may be required on an asset.

How to set a reminder

Reminders are set on the "Add an asset" page. If you were the original creator of an asset you can also add reminders to assets that are already on Mutu by clicking Edit when on the asset page (see image below).

The Set a reminder section of the Add an asset page allows you to complete 3 fields relating to the reminder:

  1. Title - what you want to call the reminder e.g. Servicing due.
  2. Date - Select the date you want the email to trigger.
  3. Recipient(s) - Select the users within your organisations who are signed up to Mutu, that you want to receive the reminder via email.
  4. Notes - an optional field where you can enter more information relating to the reminder e.g. the company you want to complete the service or details relating to the last service.

Once a reminder has triggered and the date has passed you will need to go back into the asset to set a new reminder if you want to be reminded about it again the future.

Managing reminders

You can view any reminders where you are the recipient under the Your reminders section of your account. You can navigate to this by clicking on your initials in the top right of the Mutu platform.

The Your reminders section of Mutu displays all the reminders where you have been selected as the recipient. You can filter on Past or Upcoming reminders to make it easier to find reminders you may have missed or see what reminders are due soon.

Clicking on a reminder will open a pop up window with more information relating to the reminder (any other recipients who will receive it as well as any notes relating to the reminder). You can also click on the yellow asset title to navigate directly to the asset page if you want to edit or reschedule the reminder.

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