Manage requests

The Mutu platform can be used to book or claim assets via our marketplace. To book or claim something, a user will be required to send a request to the person responsible for an asset. Mutu includes a specific section dedicated to managing any requests that you have sent or received.

The Manage requests page displays:

  • Listing: The asset title.
  • To / From: Who sent you the request or who you sent the request to
  • Status: Whether the status is Accepted, Pending (and awaiting approval or rejection), Expired (will occur automatically after 7 days if there is no action on the request) or Cancelled (the requester has changed their mind and withdrawn the request).

There are also several filters available as well as a search bar to help find specific requests faster.

To accept or reject a request, you can click on a request to open a pop up window (see below). This will show the accept or reject options and also display more detailed information about the request. You will also get the option here to call the Contact responsible for the request directly from your phone by clicking Call this contact.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

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