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Sustainable procurement

Mutu can help you avoid buying things you already own and improve the utilisation of your assets.

A core part of the sustainable procurement movement is actually asking the question “Do I need to purchase this in the first place?”
15-30% of fixed assets are ghost assets. These are assets that are visible on the books, but cannot be located physically. Added to this are “zombie assets”, which are those that are physically present but haven’t been recorded on the books.
At Mutu, we believe that one of the reasons organisations end up with so many ghost and zombie assets on their books is because it’s difficult for employees to see what an organisation already owns and easy to buy new things.

Mutu gives everyone in an organisation visibility over the assets they own, making it easy to check if something already exists and whether it is being used.

By gaining visibility over your assets, you can drive down unnecessary procurement and as a result, lower your organisation’s carbon footprint.
Value of assets repurposed internally
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Automated circular economy

Mutu can help you reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill.

“The circular economy has gained increasing prominence as a tool which presents solutions to some of the world’s most pressing crosscutting sustainable development challenges” - UN Report

SDG 12 (Sustainable Consumption and Production) dedicates a specific goal to the implementation of prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse practices to help drive down the waste we send to landfill each. A core part of this is the adoption of the circular economy for things an organisation no longer has a use for be it by-products of a manufacturing process, assets that are being replaced / upgraded or surplus assets in storage.
70% of the companies surveyed by Mutu have told us they throw away things that still have value.
Mutu helps organisations reduce their emissions footprint by redirecting surplus or end-of-use resources to places where they can be used rather than throwing them away. Internal teams, external organisations or charity & community partners are automatically notified as assets are listed on the platform.

All organisations in Aotearoa are implementing initiatives to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill each year and Mutu can help achieve this.
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Climate metrics

Mutu can deliver real-time sustainability reporting to your organisation.

At Mutu we believe that waste is a data problem. All assets listed on Mutu contain a number of data points that we then use to deliver real-time dashboards on the transactions that take place on our platform. Mutu can report on:

Capex saved (the amount of money saved by not buying things you already own)
Tonnes of waste production avoided
Tonnes of CO2-e redirected from landfill via reuse

Creative HQ Climate Response Accelerator

Mutu was accepted into the Creative HQ Climate Response Accelerator to work alongside 9 other startups in Aotearoa who are leading the way in solving some of our planet’s most urgent challenges. You can read more about the Accelerator here.
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