Toolkit Check-ins

Toolkits are where you can view and manage items that are booked out or permanently assigned to you.

You can reassign bookable items and edit booking dates to reflect how long you will need the items.

Triggering Toolkit Check-ins

Every so often the office will trigger a toolkit check-in: Settings > Toolkit Check-in > Send out Toolkit Check-in.

Completing Toolkit Check-ins

When you have sent out a check in, staff will receive a notification on their phone to complete it:


They will be asked what their current site is. If they change their site, all equipment assigned to them will change site also, unless the booking location is fixed (see Booking Location above).

Staff will then be asked to confirm they have their items and they are working. If they don't have the item or it is not working, they get the following option :

  1. Someone else now has it
    • The user will select who has it and the equipment will move to their toolkit
  2. Returned to yard
    • The user will enter the date they returned the item to the yard. it will be marked as unbooked and location changed to default location
  3. Its out of service/broken
    • The status will change
  4. Other/I don't know where it is
    • A free text field will pop up to explain

Reviewing Toolkit Check-ins

You can check who has completed their toolkit check-ins in the Toolkit Check-in page, which are sorted by date:

If you slide the toggle at the top across to Items Needed Action, you can view the items that have issues associated with them. We show the contact details of the person who submitted the issue so you can call them.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

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