Vehicle Management

Adding Vehicles

You can add vehicles the same way you add equipment by clicking the "+" button on your phone or web browser. The below vehicle description fields will need to be filled out, as well as reminders for things like WOFs, Rego's and Services.

Viewing your fleet

You can view all your company's vehicles in the Equipment Register. Click the "Item type" dropdown and select "Vehicles".

Managing Wof's, Regos and Services

Your vehicle reminders are located in the Reminders tab located on the left hand side of your screen. Use the same "item type" filter as above to view vehicle reminders. Here you can resolve reminders as they come and create new ones based on the latest dates.

Road User Charges

Toggle across from Equipment Reminders to Road User charges to see which vehicles require new miles:

Drivers can update their current km's

People with vehicles will be prompted to update their current KM's during toolkit checkins:

If the current milage is within 500km of your RUC, you'll receive a notification and email to buy new kms. Once you've bought new KMs, you can click the 'Update RUC KMS' column on the right hand side of the RUC page.

You can contact the Mutu support team at any time via

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